Why Invest in Burgos

Burgos lies on the Camino de Santiago, and is most famous as the birthplace of El Cid, a 15th century Spanish hero, well known to movie fans who have seen the movie starring Charlton Heston. Even today, Burgos displays a large statue of its native son El Cid.

Burgos is Spain’s nomination to be selected Europe’s City of Culture for 2016, which has much more to recommend it to the investor than the 15th century war hero. Here is an excellent opportunity to invest in property, in a place which is likely to attract a lot of attention from now on. The heightened interest in the city because of the nomination will attract tourists, along with the rich culture and abundance of archeological sites.

The first mention of the city was in 884, and over the ensuing years trade and commerce in the city was promoted by successive kings of Spain; so much so that a 12th century Arab visitor Abu Agd Allah Muhammad Al-Ediris wrote “Burgos is strong, affluent, has houses of trade, and is frequented by many travellers”.

All this trade resulted in wealth for the city, which naturally led to architectural extravagance. The magnificent gateway to the city, the Arcos de Santa Maria, announces to those entering its walls that this is no ordinary city. The city’s ancient Catholic cathedral, today is one of the largest and most beautiful in all of Spain and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its intricate doorway is truly a masterpiece in stone and the historic chapel of the Condestables of Castille is truly amazingm and it is not just these ancient treasures that Burgos contains.

Not far from the Arcos de Santa Maria is the modern Museum of Human Evolution: Inspired by the finding, in the Atapuerca region close to Burgos, of human remains from about 600,000 years ago; the oldest evidence of hominoids in Europe. The museum not only displays the findings from these excavations, but also explains, in language that is interesting to visitors, about how these findings were made, the significance of them in our understanding of human evolution, and much more besides. Set aside at least a full morning to see the Museum, another half day to see all that there is to see in the cathedral. This still leaves much more to be seen; such as the comprehensive Military Museum, The Convent (founded in 1187) of Santa Maria la Real de Los Huelgas, which has a statue of St James with a movable arm that was used to initiate new knights, the Cartusian monastery of Miraflores, the Hospital de la Rey which is now part of the University of Burgos. Visitors to Burgos will agree with what Josephine de Bruickman, wrote in the 19th century: “How little time is one day, to see and appreciate this ancient city; Burgos is a treasure.”

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