On a Budget? Check Out These Cheap Home Decorating Ideas

You don’t have to spend a fortune to create an attractive home with stylish d├ęcor. As long as you have some time, patience and creativity, there are several ways you can add inexpensive decorations to your abode. Basic craft techniques, such as painting and sewing, can turn old items into trendy pieces. Budget shopping techniques, such as buying a slipcover instead of a new couch, can transform boring items into stylish accents.

Decorative Paint
Decorative painting techniques let you play with colors, textures and patterns on a kitchen wall or a bedroom bookcase. Light cream sponge painting over dark cream paint turns bland white walls into rich and textured accents. A jade green wall with a clear glaze applied in a swirl-pattern adds subtle depth to the flat color.

Plain white cabinets may help a kitchen look bright, but they also tend to look bland. A coat of dusty blue paint covered with crackled white paint keeps the kitchen bright and adds interesting detail. A gloss varnish-covered, lavender-and-cream-striped pattern turns a somber black bookcase into a sweet and cheerful storage area.

Slipcovers are a vital consideration when it comes to inexpensive home decorating. The key to making or buying an attractive slipcover is to check that it’s a snug fit over the couch or chair. When the slipcover fits, the fabric looks like part of the design instead of just a covering. It’s also important to accessorize the slipcover with stylish pillows to help make the piece look professional.

Cover a stained couch with a stylish slipcover to bring the piece back to life. A dark blue linen slipcover can turn an ugly orange couch into a subtle background piece. Colorful buttons sewn in flower-shapes on the middle of white pillows turn boring accents into funky decorations that stand out against the dark couch.

Window Treatments
Updating the windows is a quick and easy way to give an entire room a makeover. Changing the curtains, curtain rods and window trim are easy DIY projects. For example, instead of a country-themed living room with white-trimmed windows and white linen curtains, add some color to the mix. Dusty green paint on the window trim and daisy-patterned ribbon on the top and bottom of the cream-dyed curtains provide warmth and detail to the room.

Create a funky burst of color for a boring bedroom window with assorted ribbon scraps. A simple, round, white curtain rod above the window provides a base for the decoration. Assorted long ribbons with finished ends hang down from the left and right sides of the curtain rod to form a colorful stripe pattern. Each ribbon loops around the curtain rod and the two finished ends hang evenly with the bottom of the window. The middle of the rod remains bare to create a break in the ribbon curtains.