Making your Move From the UK to Spain Easier

Moving to a new place is usually a daunting task. It can even be depressing if the move is permanent or for a long time and you don’t know anyone in the new location. The situation gets worse for most people if the move is to a new country or continent. Finding a few ideas to help make the move more pleasant and less tiring is always welcome. Here are some tips for those planning to move from the UK to Spain.

Residential permits
Due to the EU membership, one doesn’t need a visa to travel to Spain from the UK but this could change if Brexit pushes through. It is however very important to get a residential permit to avoid problems with authorities. This should be done as soon as possible before a period of 3 months. You can read more about that here.

Since you’ll be experiencing a different culture, rules and way of life in general, you should try some of them before you move. Learn Spanish, try out some of their famous cuisines and study their cultural practices while still in the UK. This way you’ll easily fit in and you won’t feel like such a stranger.

This is very important for those who have school-going children. Try to find out basic amenities such as hospitals and schools in the area you’re moving to. Other factors like security are also very important. Find out the most suitable place for you to settle before traveling there even if you don’t have children.

The economic state of Spain differs from that of the UK. You may have to spend more on basic commodities such as housing and utilities. Whether you’re renting or buying a home, be ready to part with a little more cash than you’re used to. Get your finances in order and prepare for more expenditure. Healthcare and food, on the other hand, are fairly cheaper.

Other than amazing weather conditions, Spain has many other qualities making it an attractive tourism place but also a residential one. Proper planning is the only way to make your transition smooth whether you’re moving temporarily or permanently.  For an easier transaction, open a bank account when still in the UK as a non-resident of Spain. Once you relocate and become a resident, you’ll Hire an international moving company to transport your stuff, learn about the rules of certain things like property ownership or starting a business in Spain and the important documents you need to operate freely before moving from the UK to Spain.