How to Make a Comfortable Bed

For comfort, divan beds seem to be the most popular option. You deserve a restful and soothing bed. Keeping your bed comfortable is to simplify as much as possible.

Step 1

You deserve a restful and a most comfortable bed. Keeping your bedroom bedding simple is best and is more often than not, the most comfortable. Start at the headboard to make your bed the most comfortable. An upholstered headboard is favoured for the make up of your most comfortable bed. Large decorative button on the tufted headboard can be uncomfortable. The untufted upholstered type is most comfortable. The upholstered headboard should be two feet higher than the top mattress.

Step 2

Never let the box spring of your most comfortable bed to show. You do not want your most comfortable bed to look tacky. Use the inserted pleated bed skirt to cover the box springs. Avoid the ruffled lacy bed skirts that have the tendency to rise and show the box spring. Also, lacy bed skirts are likely to snag or to tear and look staggered if the lace was to be walked on. Your most comfortable bed is going to look undone if lacy ruffled bed skirts are used.

Step 3

Use a fitted mattress cover with thin nylon sides that will most likely cover the entire mattress. You will need a fitted bottom sheet and a top sheet along with a blanket. You may dispense with the comforter as it has the tendency to make your most comfortable bed look too much like an overstuffed couch. Use the blanket as the decorative feature. In the cotton waffle weave blanket, you will find good summer coverage for your most comfortable bed. Use the thick wool blanket in the winter. You may use a small thin bedspread like the old fashion vintage chenille to give your bed an added look of comfort. If you like a duvet, you may fold it into thirds at the foot of the bed.

Step 4

Cover bed starting with the headboard again, with a neat stack of pillows. Use three European square pillows and three standard pillows for a king size bed and two of each standard pillow for the queen size bed. Use decorator pillow shams for a more stylish and comfortable look instead of pillow cases. Use 100% cotton sheets. Do not sleep on a sheet blended with different fabrics. Purchase the highest thread count sheet of pure cotton that you can afford. Stay away from patterned sheets as the designs can be limiting for the bedroom.