How to Create a Homepage for a Small Business Website

The homepage or landing page is the first page a visitor is greeted with when clicking on a search result link and is the most crucial aspect of small business web design.

A great homepage is the most important aspect of website design and could make or break a website. First impressions stick and may either cause the visitor to take a closer look or click straight out of the site never to return. If the latter is applicable, the webmaster may experience paltry revenue and visitor stats. Worse, the website may not be ranked well or earn backlinks from other webmasters.

However, by the omission of a few simple mistakes, the website’s success can be increased significantly.

Pitfalls to Avoid when Designing a Homepage

Before diagnosing the problem the webmaster may address basic design faults with the landing page. The following can easily be put right:

-Blocks of text that seems to go on forever, particularly if the text is small. Breaking paragraphs into smaller chunks with more subheadings is easier on the eye
-Page layout is confusing
-Too many applications and graphics on the page
-Difficult to navigate
-Typos and grammatical errors
-Garish colours
-Cheap graphics
-Spammy look
-Pages take ages to load
-Non-contextual or poor images
-Programmes that unexpectedly plays music
-Pop up adverts
-Weird graphics
-Certain browsers are unable to view the whole page
-The landing page contains old or outdated information

Improving the Website Image

The following problems require more depth review and feedback from other sources.

-The website does not have a clear image of what it is selling
-The webmaster does not have a clear image of his intended audience
-The landing page gives conflicting or confusing information
-The homepage does not promise anything different or new within the site

Successful Website Ecommerce

The last point is crucial. The homepage is like a shop front. When designing a homepage for a small corporate website, the webmaster must think like the visitor. Things like great content, something unique, free offers, updates and valuable information is likely to entice visitors in the future. A subscription box is a good way of giving customers the option of offering their contact details if they would like to be alerted of news and updates.

Remedies for a Great Landing Page

Finding out what other users like to see on a landing page will increase the website’s success. Devising an anonymous questionnaire for relevant clients is a great way of getting people’s views on the look of the landing page without worrying about candour.

Remedies for a Great Homepage

A great looking homepage is vital if a business website is to succeed. Simple issues such as the look of the text and images can do a lot to improve the site’s performance. Keeping it simple is the key. What to omit is as important as what to include. Devising a questionnaire for clients, feedback may get to the route of the problem of why a homepage lets the rest of the website down.

If this sounds daunting to you, it would probably be in your best interests to get your small business website professionally designed. I recommend for expert yet affordable website design.