Benefits of a Defra Stove

September 27, 2018 admin 0

Having a DEFRA stove in your home has many advantages and it is the most environmentally-friendly way of heating you can have. It is cleaner, it reduces heat and lowers fuel bills whilst producing less carbon emissions and using less energy. DEFRA stoves like these at Stoves 4 Life have the most advanced eco-energy system of any wood-burning stove on […]

How to Fix Old Wood Stoves

May 1, 2017 admin 0

Although there are cheap gas stoves to buy online, old wood stoves can have many years of use when properly restored and fixed up. Because most wood stoves are made of cast iron, the process involves rust removal and restoring the stove surface. These stoves are stout and rarely have broken parts. More often, the moving parts seize from rust […]

Make an Upholstered Headboard

May 1, 2017 admin 0

Imagine creating a soft, cushioned headboard you can comfortably lean back on in just a few hours. See your headboard in the colour, shape and design you want. You can make your own with fabrics such as cotton, silk, denim, linen and leather, or many people are looking for faux leather beds as an alternative. It can be the focal […]

How to Make a Comfortable Bed

May 1, 2017 admin 0

For comfort, divan beds seem to be the most popular option. You deserve a restful and soothing bed. Keeping your bed comfortable is to simplify as much as possible. Step 1 You deserve a restful and a most comfortable bed. Keeping your bedroom bedding simple is best and is more often than not, the most comfortable. Start at the headboard […]

Furnace Maintenance Tips for the Uninitiated

August 26, 2016 admin 0

Proper maintenance of your furnace will help preserve its efficiency and extend its life. Every year when it comes time to turn on the heat, some people knock on wood, cross their fingers, and close their eyes mumbling a prayer or two to help propagate the furnace to turn on and run smoothly. Sometimes this method work great. But when […]

On a Budget? Check Out These Cheap Home Decorating Ideas

August 26, 2016 admin 0

You don’t have to spend a fortune to create an attractive home with stylish d├ęcor. As long as you have some time, patience and creativity, there are several ways you can add inexpensive decorations to your abode. Basic craft techniques, such as painting and sewing, can turn old items into trendy pieces. Budget shopping techniques, such as buying a slipcover […]