Caribbean Fishing Holidays

Snorkelling in the BVI on a sailing holiday from the Pacific Wave provides an unforgettable opportunity to see fantastic fish and beautiful coral reefs. Each site is different and not everything is found in the same place but what might you expect to see?

Rays vary in form from an almost perfect diamond shape to a round disk. Spotted Eagle Rays are large, up to eight feet long, and graceful powerful swimmers with sweeping pectoral fins like wings. Southern Stingrays have round fins that extend forward to encompass the head and are often seen lying motionless on the bottom partly buried in sand.

Tarpon have large silvery scales that shimmer in the deck lights at night as they curiously explore Pacific Wave. A sport fisherman’s dream these bony game fish are sadly no good to eat.

Morays are as beautiful and repulsive as the snakes they resemble with smooth scale-less skin and narrow muscular jaws that drive fanglike teeth. Like the Great Barracuda, a fearsome athletic predator, Morays pose no threat. They are not toxic and harmless to man but like everything you’ll meet are best left observed and undisturbed.

The reefs are a kaleidoscope of orange and pink small Cardinal fish, big black eyed red Squirrel fish, and shy and retiring but flamboyantly hued hamlets and seabass mixed with larger and less showy groupers and hinds. Off the reef in the blue water Jacks dart after small prey while Snapper drift sedately around clouds of stripy grunts.

Angelfish are the most curious fish on the reef and often a galaxy of gaudy colours that blend in surprisingly well as they flutter among sea fans. Above, Green Turtles surface to take a breath of fresh air before diving for a weedy feast below you.

Pacific Wave encourages a ‘Don’t touch’ philosophy while snorkelling and hopes that everybody ‘leaves nothing but bubbles, and takes only memories’.