Benefits of a Defra Stove

Having a DEFRA stove in your home has many advantages and it is the most environmentally-friendly way of heating you can have. It is cleaner, it reduces heat and lowers fuel bills whilst producing less carbon emissions and using less energy.

DEFRA stoves like these at Stoves 4 Life have the most advanced eco-energy system of any wood-burning stove on the market and they have been approved by the UK Government’s Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. After thoroughly testing these stoves DEFRA allows people to have them to burn wood in smoke-control areas where wood is normally not allowed to be burnt. Smokeless coal can also be burnt in a DEFRA stove.

Following the devastating London smog of 1952 when around 4,000 people died the Clean Air Acts of 1956 and 1968 were brought in. These Acts gave Local Authorities the power to ban any fuel that produced the smoke that caused the smog and create smoke-control areas.These are usually in densely populated areas like large towns and cities.

DEFRA approved stoves produce very low emissions so people are allowed to continue burning wood in them even if they live in one of these areas.

They are completely safe and very easy to use and a number of different styles and designs are available so they look attractive and are very durable so they last a lifetime.

DEFRA stoves are a godsend to people who love the glow of a real fire but live in an urban area.Not only do they provide a heat that fills the entire room the glow from the burning logs will add a cheer to the gloomiest,darkest winter night. They are so much more rewarding than radiators that provide central heating as well as being healthier as they do not dry up the atmosphere.

Certain types of electric radiators provide the same warm glow,especially the imitation wood burning stoves on the market, but they eat up electricity and electricity companies are putting up their prices year after year.

In conclusion those living in a smoke-controlled area must have a stove tested and approved by DEFRA. Anyone found burning wood or other fuel on a non-approved stove in these areas will be fined up to £1,000 every time they are caught.The store that supplied them the fuel will also be fined for not checking they had a licence.

Since October 2010 people with DEFRA approved stoves can install a 5″ flue outlet and if the stove has a 6″ flue system they can still install it using a 5″-6″ adaptor which connects the 5″ flue pipe to the 6″ system as this is perfectly legal.

Owners of a DEFRA stove must also make sure they burn wood that has a moisture content of less than 25% as they can still be fined if they use unseasoned or wet wood which will produce a lot of smoke. They will be able to check all the necessary requirements and receive advice by clicking on to the DEFRA website.

When purchasing a DEFRA stove it will come with a list of fuels that are allowed to be burnt in smoke-free areas.