Airsoft vs Paintball

Many people use the words paintball and softair or airsoft in one breath, although they are two different sports. What are the differences and similarities between Softair and Paintball?

What is Airsoft?

For a long time, the weapons law prohibited any firearms in the German Federal Republic, which in some way convey the impression of fully automatic war weapons. It didn’t matter whether or not these items were capable of being fired.

Only after an amendment of the law was the market for Asian softair or air-softs opened up. Many modern softair rifles and pistols are similar to the real model in every detail. Similar materials made of high-strength plastic or metal are used. Although fully automatic soft-air weapons may only have a kinetic energy of less than 0.5 joules, the police often criticizes the great similarity to real weapons. The airsoft game is played on private land with the permission of the owner of the place. It can be a wood or a forest, a building or a built site covered with several buildings.

In accordance with the law on the maintenance of public security and public order and for obvious reasons of safety, it can not be practiced on public roads or private properties open to the public (shops, commercial areas, parks and parks). public gardens, monuments, amusement parks, etc.)

The mode of operation of a softair can be distinguished into spring driven, gas driven or electric. The ammunition is normally 6 mm round plastic balls. For more information about the function and construction of softguns, please click here. The question remains: But what is paintball?

What is paintball?

Paintball has been known in the USA since the 1980s and is played with so-called paintball markers. As with the softair, there are of course various scenarios. Basically, however, two paintball teams compete against each other who try to meet with the markers. Paintball markers shoot jelly balls filled with food colouring. Due to the relatively large gas tanks, these “weapons” did not fall into the area o the apparent weapons and were therefore not forbidden. Due to the high energy, however, the purchase requires a completion of the 18th year of life due to the high energy, up to approx.

Types of paintball markers

Paintball markers are essentially divided into systems with pump-action technology or semi-automatic variants. With the pump-action principle, each shot must be reloaded manually by a repeating device. With the semi-automatic, it is sufficient to activate the trigger. A third class is more commonly used by amateurs and is called a real-action marker.

These variants are optically oriented towards real weapons and are therefore frowned upon in the scene. The military reference, unlike the softair, is explicitly undesirable. Red paintballs are also not used, even if they are of course available. Technically, Real Action paintball markers also have the disadvantage that due to realistic magazine sizes only balls in small calibre 43 can be used and the magazine capacity is limited.

Legal framework

As already mentioned, paintball weapons may not be acquired until the age of 18, as long as the markers do not exceed a kinetic energy of 7.5 joules. Fully automatic variants are completely prohibited in Germany. Paintball pitches must meet the same requirements as Softair grounds, says airsoft store Airsoft Deals. No bullet that can leave the terrain. A game in the public forest is prohibited by law. The paintball marker must not be transported in such a way that it is neither accessible nor ready for firing.