3 Advantages to Stop Using Makeup

Sometimes make-up is great. Quite often it becomes part of our ‘going out’ ritual; it makes us feel good, look good and feel ready for the occasion. However, it is so much of a ‘norm’ these days that make-up no longer just plays a part for the occasional event – it is very much an every-day thing. So, with the advances in every-day make-up alternatives, here are our top three advantages to ditching the make-up.

Advantage 1: Saving Time

Like we said – every day! This is a lot of time to spend applying make-up, especially now that we all have such busy lifestyles and schedules. A third of women asked in a recent study said that they wouldn’t leave the house without make-up, and studies show that the average make-up user spends at least 30minuts on application per day. That’s somewhere around 160-180 hours per year – roughly one solid week! That’s not to mention how much time we spend washing it off after the day or event is over. Cutting down on our make-up application would save us so much time, particularly day-to-day. Think how much you would appreciate that extra 30 minutes in bed, or having breakfast or a cheeky latte on a morning rather than plonked in front of a mirror trying to create that perfect, natural look.

Advantage 2: Saving Money

This goes hand-in-hand with the above, but saving money is a no-brainer. Yes, we all like to look our best, but at what cost? The average make-up user in the UK spends around £300 per year on beauty products. When there are much cheaper, less time-consuming options, why are we still spending the equivalent of a Barcelona city break on foundation and lashes? Just think what you could spend all of that hard-earned money on if you were a little more saving-savvy when it comes to cosmetics and decided to ditch the day-to-day makeup routine.

Advantage 3: Ditching Chemicals

Make-up application is one thing, but make-up removal is a whole other ritual that comes along with it. We rarely consider how all of the chemicals, creams, oils and specialist make-up remover products are impacting on our skin. It’s true, most cosmetic removers are sold as being kind to skin, but a simple face wash and moisturiser is probably better than a mixture of various liquids all containing different ingredients. What’s more, omitting the need for constant make-up remover also pairs well with advantages 1 and 2, as it will cut down on costs, help you save even more towards that city break, sofa or designer handbag, and will cut down on the time it takes to remove lashes, liners, lipsticks and pencils. It’s win-win.

The great thing about make-up nowadays is that it doesn’t have to be over the counter, single-use pencils and mascaras. You can cut time and money while being kinder to your face and skin by looking into more permanent options, making that occasional make-up ritual less frequent and more unique.